Modafinil is a pharmaceutical drug that is widely available in online pharmacies. People generally order Provigil from reputable online pharmacies to avoid hassles and get them directly delivered at home. It is so much easier this way and they may also use Bitcoin to order from an online pharmacy. These are some of the benefits of online shopping. There are different brands of this drug like Modapro, Modalert.

You can get online pharmacy deals for modalert too. But before you sit down to order right now you must be aware that you should only buy Provigil from trusted online pharmacy.

The reason is that there are fraudulent companies too out there to cheat you with exorbitant prices or fake products. So be aware and careful before you select the pharmaceutical company.

The most important 15 facts Provigil or Modafinil users must know before buying Modafinil:

1.    Do not use any medication without discussing it with your physician in case you are allergic to the drug.

2.    People with angina or chest pain or any kind of liver or kidney problems should not be using drug warnings

3.    People who have recently had a heart attack too should stay away.

4.    In case you have high pressure and are on medication for that, Provigil should not be used.

5.    People with a history of drug addiction should stay away too because some tests suggest there is an addictive component to nootropics in certain subjects.

6.    Nootropic medicine may affect the central nervous system, and so the results of long-term use are unknown.

7.    Discuss with your doctor is you have issues like skin rash. Modafinil may cause skin reactions in some people. It has been rarely reported that the skin reactions due to use of drug needed hospitalization.

8.    As side effects go, you may incur fever, headache, nausea, dizziness, vomiting or sore throat. Blistering or peeling may also be noticed.

9.    Modafinil may interact with other drugs, according to one site. In order to be safe and sound, remember to tell your doctor about all the medications you use. Include all the prescribed or non-prescribed drugs, vitamin tablets, herbal products and any other over-the-counter medications.

10.    You cannot have alcohol if you have taken medicine. It can cause a drop in the blood pressure. Moreover alcohol can make you feel dizzy.

11.    This medicine falls under FDA category C and is not surely known whether it may affect pregnancy. It may harm your unborn baby. In case you are pregnant do not forget to mention about it to your doctor and discuss problems, if any.

12.    It may pass into breast milk and through it to your nursing baby. In case you are a new mother, pass on this important piece of information to the doctor.

13.    It can affect the working of birth control pills. This may lead to unplanned pregnancy. To avoid such risks ask your doctor about other suitable types of contraception.

14.    This is a smart drug meant for adults. Anybody under eighteen should not be given the drug without express permission by a medical professional.

15.    Sudden changes in the doses of Modafinil can be harmful for the body. Do not change the dosage without consulting a doctor. It is best to abide by whatever you have been prescribed. At the same time, taking in larger doses may lead to overdose which may be fatal. Try to stay safe by avoiding such experiments.